Welcome to Silent Cabinets! We are a small operation focused on making your house a calm and peaceful place by helping you eliminate the loud banging and slamming of your cabinets. In the kitchen, the bathroom, laundry room, or garage – wherever you open and close cabinets, cupboards, vanities, or closets – you can install our anti-slam, slow cushion close buffers to avoid that loud collision and bring the door to a complete and quiet close.

Our goal, above all, is to make you a satisfied customer. If you have any questions before your purchase or problems after you buy the dampers, you can always get in touch with us and we will promptly reply to any of your questions, requests, or issues. We hope to get back to every email within 24 hours. We welcome you to take a look at testimonials from other customers, or share your own experience here.

You can purchase one or one hundred dampers. Shipping will always be a flat-rate price no matter how many you buy. Best of all, the fastening screws you need to install the dampers are also included for free.

Thank you for visiting!

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